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Our Mission
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We provide compassionate, ABA therapy in

natural, community-based environments for individuals with *autism and other thinking and learning differences.

(Ages 2 to 6 & 11 years and older)

Most Insurance Accepted!

Your Insurance deductibles & copays will apply

*PARClife respectfully acknowledges the diversity of perspectives regarding the use of identity or person-first language. We value both perspectives and honor the preferences and perspectives of each family and learner.

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Bringing Compassionate ABA to Real Life Experiences

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Most Insurance Accepted

Your Insurance deductibles & copays will apply

Your child's progress is guided and monitored following ABA guidelines allowing us to partner with most insurance providers. Contact us to verify your child's eligibility.

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Compassionate ABA

At PARClife our approach to learning is to provide a caring, safe environment to practice the skills we are working on in many different, real-life settings allowing our learners to transfer those skills outside the learning environment.

Daycare Center
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Caring Community

Community is a basic human need. Providing compassionate, inclusive, learning opportunities in a caring community environment gives our learners lots of ways to try new skills. 

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Diversity is being invited to the party.

Inclusion is being asked to dance!

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