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You have lots of questions about our Tweens & Teens Program and whether it's the right fit for your child. We want to answer them all!

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PARClife Tweens & Teens is a safe learning space that provides compassionate, individual, and group ABA therapy focusing on many skills including video modeling, daily living, social, recreational, and more. The Tweens & Teens community gathers in our beautiful studio to learn, practice, and grow together while enjoying many diverse activities in different settings, including swimming, yoga, art, music, and a variety of others. We weave the day's ABA Therapy focus throughout each activity to make practice easy and integrated.
PARClife Teens & Tweens welcomes individuals, ages 11 to 17, with autism and other thinking and learning differences.
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Meet Ellie MacFarland

Tweens and Teens Program Manager

As a Student in Psychology with a focus on Applied Behavior Analysis, I am excited to wrap up my Bachelor's degree during the summer of 2024.


My “Why" for choosing this profession is the satisfaction I get helping people with, and without, learning differences, live their own best lives.

Helping our Tween and Teen learners navigate High School and providing a safe, comfortable place for them to grow, learn, and step into their most authentic selves gives me a sense of joy and adds incredible meaning to my life.


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