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Your Insurance deductibles & copays will apply

Creating community and support for our learner's caregivers is a big part of the PARClife program.  


 (PACT) is an evidence- based intervention in which therapists work with parent/carers to enhance social communication with their child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

PACT is the core of our Parents Group along with relaxation techniques and the support of other parents.

Most Insurance Accepted

Your Insurance deductibles & copays will apply

PACT is PARClife's parent support/coaching group. If your child is authorized for ABA therapy, attendance at PACT is considered part of your child's treatment and is billable under private insurance. For families paying out of pocket, payment is $20 or a donation to the PARClife Foundation.

You Are Not Alone

P.A.C.T. is a special time for the caregivers in our community.

A time to relax, talk, share, create something beautiful, and learn tips and techniques for communicating with your child.

Come share a few appetizers, enjoy a glass of wine, release some stress and laugh a bit.



Become part of a sharing community. Share your challenges, work together to come up with solutions and feel the support of loving community.



Breathe, stretch, and quiet your busy mind.

Take this time for yourself. 



Everything isn't always what it seems. Dive deeper, look more closely, and rewrite the stories you have been telling yourself about your life. 

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